Walk in Baths Series

Walk in Baths Series

The 2852 represents the optimal balance of exterior to interior space, allowing for a roomy and comfortable interior. 
The 2852 boasts an 18” wide door for easy entry. It’s an ideal choice for users between 120-240 lbs.
Boasting a 41” height, it’s no wonder why this model has become the most popular size for the majority of our clientele.

Model 2852

Designed to Fit Standard Bathroom Cutaways

Air & Hydro therapy system available

Inward swinging door

Compact Series
Walk-in Bathtubs

Our smallest walk in bathtub with shower features space-saving construction built around a compact footprint.  This model is ideal for small spaces and accommodates three-quarter size bathrooms and washrooms without sacrificing comfort.

The unique width and length allows installers to easily maneuver the 2646 through narrow passages, doorways, and hallways, keeping installation costs down.

An ideal choice for either petite users between 80-140 lbs. and shorter than 5’6”, or for installation in a 48” long shower stall.

Model 2646

Minimal Footprint

Designed For 3/4 Bath and Washrooms

Easy to Install; Fits Most Hall and Doorways

Extra Deep and Wide Bathtub Series

Our 3355 extra wide bathtub is one of the most spacious walk-in tubs on the market, designed for an all immersive bathing experience.

The curved, 23½” doorway allows for easy entry while the extra-large, 24½” wide seat offers added mobility when soaking and bathing.

It’s important to note that the 3355 is best suited for larger bathrooms and often requires doorway widening.

Model 3355

Fully Immersive Bathing

Extra Spacious Seat

Fast Filling and Drain Time

Walk-in Bath Series

The 34¾”, extra-wide, outward-swinging door is the highlight of this slide-in or transfer seat walk-in tub design. The full seat access from the exterior of the tub was specifically engineered to accommodate wheelchair users, seniors with dramatically limited mobility, paraplegics, amputees, and those individuals with special needs.

Understandably, the 2852W comes highly recommended by in-home and long-term healthcare professionals. The innovative 180° turn door handle and smooth-glide locking mechanism ensure an effortless, worry-free, leak-proof door seal.

The 2852W is also an excellent choice for trimmer individuals up to 220 lbs.

                           Model 2852W

ADA Compliant Seating

Easy Access Full Size Out-Swing Door

Fully Accessible Slide-in Seating

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